Living room design

29 October 2021

The living room is where we bring our guests and spend a lot of time there. Everyone would like to have a luxurious living room that everyone would admire.

Lighting. There should be a lot of light. And if it’s hard to give up a big beautiful chandelier in the center of the ceiling, then it needs an addition in the form of multi-level lights, floor lamps and sconces.

The center of the living room should be upholstered furniture, which can vary in shape, but at the base has straight or smooth lines. You definitely need a luxurious sofa, and if the living room space allows, you can buy soft armchairs. You can add a coffee table to them, usually when choosing beautiful coffee tables, they stop at simple, rectangular or round options without unnecessary decorative elements.

The modern style needs few decorative elements. After all, such an interior implies active and mobile owners who have no time to waste time collecting and arranging various pleasant little things.