Metall in the interior

25 September 2021

Nowadays, metal is being used more and more often. Not in terms of manufacturing, but even just at home, as part of the interior.

Since metal is a material that is both strong and ductile, it can be shaped into almost any shape – from simple and strict to fantastically bizarre. Brass, copper, iron, cast iron, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel are suitable for the design of home furnishings. Metal is used mainly for finishing bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, fragmentarily for decorating the interior of bedrooms and living rooms. Thanks to its brilliance and special glow, metal is able to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

The best combinations of metals and different shades:


The symbol of luxury and prosperity, the color and texture of gold never ceases to bribe with its charm many owners of apartments and houses, those who wish to show their status.


Metal is revered by many as noble and modest, very democratic and not too pretentious, therefore, it can be used very successfully in the interior.


Sometimes you just need to add a little rough texture to the decor of the room, which iron possesses, being an ambiguous, brutal metal. Iron objects will help the pretentious interior more understandable and earthy, pacify the pathos and add a certain character to the room decor.


New gold, brass is a metal with a matte shimmering texture, which, at times, can look much more interesting and unusual than aurum. Brass decor, furniture elements or inserts in wall cladding are combined with great success with both cold and warm colors.


Today, the use of metal in the interior has become quite common. Along with stone and wood, it takes pride of place among designers and architects when creating new projects.