The combination of colors in the interior

24 October 2020


The choice of colors is one of the most important stages in creating an interior. Color will influence your perception of the room and your attitude to it, your mood while you are in it. Color can also help shape a space, expand or narrow it, raise ceilings, or make large furniture “invisible”. Let’s talk about how colors can be combined with each other in the interior.


The simplest approach is to pick one color and use it in different shades (combined with white, black, or gray). But for an interesting interior, it’s a little boring. Much more interesting are rooms decorated with a combination of three, four or more colors. However, it is wrong to use colors in equal proportions. One or two of them are chosen as the main ones, there are “many” of them. Walls and floors are painted in these colors, they are present in furniture upholstery and textiles. Another one or two are used as additional ones. There are not many of them, but they are noticeable. The rest – no matter how many there are – serve to introduce variety and accents. They are present in small quantities – these are decor details, pillows, etc.



It is best to use a neutral color and bright accessories. If you really like bright blue, for example, you don’t have to paint the whole room in it. It is better to make the interior in a more traditional range, especially large objects and surfaces – cabinets, sofas, walls. To enter the brightness and the desired color, use accessories: frames and especially the passport of paintings and family photos, decorative vases, coffee tables, sofa cushions, small armchairs and chairs, lamps, curtain holders and hem.

The interior will be harmonious and pleasant for life only if color balance is achieved in it. The balance should be: dark and light, color and colorless, warm and cold. There are no unambiguous rules, therefore, the balance is created only by the inner feeling, which is gained by designers with experience.

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Bright details in the interior: armchairs