Summer accents in the interior

15 July 2021

Summer is a great time for flowering, fresh fruit, sea and sun. Do you want it to linger in your home? Refresh the interior by adding juicy shades from the summer palette to it. Delicate pastels or a rainbow of vibrant colors? Colorful exotic fruits or juicy pink berries? Greenery or the sea? Think about what inspires you …

 Natural interiors do not amaze the viewer with their effects. They are refined and calm, they feel nobility and aristocracy, you can live in them for a very long time without getting tired of bright details. They can be gradually updated slightly, changing some items to others. In this case, the main surfaces remain unchanged.




Fill your home with summer highlights:

Small mirrors, placed in groups on the wall, table, chest of drawers, or even suspended on thin threads, will help create a summer interior decor: they will scatter elegant glare around them, and they will settle sunbeams in the room. In addition to the decorative function, they will partly solve the problem with the winter lack of light, multiplying it in the interior. Large mirrors and light glossy surfaces will help them with this.

 If calm tones prevail in the palette of the room, add bright summer notes to it. The decor of the interior of the room can be of such rich colors as deep red, light green, lemon yellow or aqua. The main thing – do not be afraid to experiment, and you will see how your interior decor will be transformed. When choosing bright colors for the interior, remember the design tricks: use different shades of the same color. Even if they differ slightly, it will give the interior a more interesting look. In addition, remember that you should not build the entire color scheme on a combination of extremely warm or cold tones. Mix shades in such a way that both are present, then the overall impression will be more harmonious.