Home decor

2 April 2021

Paintings and wall decorations


Blank walls indicate that something is missing from the room. The walls should not be overloaded with paintings and decorations, but one painting is enough to make the color and atmosphere more pleasant.

Adding paintings and wall decorations gives the room a completely different look. As you walk through the room, think about where the wall decoration would have the greatest impact. In most cases, paintings are placed over a fireplace or sofas. Look for a long wall in your home that needs color and vigor.



A lot of clocks, which are sold in very different shades, styles, sizes, etc, certainly play a role in home furnishing. We use the clock in our lives every day, so we need to be sure that we know how to make a high-quality clock. A high-quality clock fits perfectly into any room, giving it more vitality and making the room more practical.

The clock can be placed on a wall, bedside table, chest of drawers, or exactly where you need to put it and where it would be most comfortable for you to look at.


Plants, vases


When walking outside in the spring, you may be left with some willow chicks on the way, which you can pick with you,or in summer you can pick beautiful flowers from your garden and put them in a vase.

However, if you don’t like real flowers or are allergic to them, you can also use artificial flowers that bring color and freshness to your home. You can use a stylish vase to place the flowers and bring different shades to the room





There is a very large selection of candles today, thanks to which it is possible for everyone to find the most suitable candles for their home. There are also scented candles and home scents with different pleasant scents that will create a romantic atmosphere in your home.

Candlesticks come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, which can change the interior a great deal. Grouping candlesticks in pairs and triplets creates a feeling of abundance; the plants placed between the groups add freshness.




Textiles give a lot of change to rooms. If the room is in neutral tones and you want to bring color, then adding some brighter pillows will make the room much more vivid, or if there are many different colors in the room, then light-colored pillows are perfect. Once the appropriate pillows have been selected, you should also think for a while about how you want to place them to get the most out of their interior design potential.

Arranging pillows according to styles is one way to ensure that your room looks chic. An easy way is to choose an odd number of pillows that have a connecting aspect, such as color or theme. If mixing patterns isn’t your issue, consider mixing textures of the same shade instead. Place larger pillows on the side, smaller ones forward.